The Fondation Custodia in the Netherlands

The Dutch Board

As a result of its Dutch roots, the Fondation Custodia has traditionally been managed from the Netherlands. It is accredited as cultural Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).

The board members are predominantly Dutch residents and, as stipulated in article 4 of the Fondation Custodia’s regulations, most of the board members have Dutch nationality. Board meetings are therefore mainly in the Netherlands and the working language is Dutch. Two staff members in the board’s office in Doorn assist board members in the discharge of their activities.


Fondation Custodia Board Members

Edgar du Perron chairman
Jan de Bie Leuveling Tjeenk vice-chairman
Guido ter Kuile treasurer
Quirine Langeveld vice-treasurer
Carel van Tuyll van Serooskerken member
Arjan de Koomen vice-member
Sandra Kingma member
Carole Koch-Oudegeest secretary
Eva de Jong-Lobbes vice-secretary

Fondation Custodia Dutch office

Buitenplaats Doornveld
Driebergsestraatweg 27
3941 ZS Doorn
The Netherlands

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