Behind the façade of 121 rue de Lille, in Paris’s elegant seventh arrondissement, to the eighteenth-century Hôtel Turgot, it seems as if time has stood still. This is where the Frits Lugt Collection is housed under the watchful eye of the Fondation Custodia (guard in Latin). The Fondation Custodia is in charge of the Frits Lugt Collection, the scholarly research relating to it, the publishing programme and the organisation of exhibitions.

Secret Treasures | Fondation Custodia

The Fondation Custodia also gives moral and financial support to the Nederlands Interuniversitair Kunsthistorisch Instituut (Dutch Institute for Art History) in Florence and the Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Netherlandish Institute for Art History) in The Hague.