Collectors’ Marks

Frits Lugt, Collectors’ Marks on Prints and Drawings

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The name of Frits Lugt will always be associated with his great reference work, Les Marques de collections de dessins & d’estampes, published in 1921, and the Supplément of 1956. A new version integrating both volumes, revised and enlarged, has been available online since 2010; it is regularly updated.

This database lists all the collectors’ marks on drawings and prints; they take the form of small written or stamped signs, and they signify ownership or provenance. Marks inform us about the collecting history of works of graphic art.

The online edition provides a large quantity of information about collectors and the history of their collections. In addition to marks of public and private collections, marks of print publishers, print dealers and mounters, plus artists’ succession stamps are included. The search engine makes it simple to find a mark via a variety of criteria, including number, name or description.

The Fondation Custodia is delighted to make this unrivalled research tool, relating to collectors and collections of drawings and prints, available to art lovers and researchers.

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