Collectors’ Marks on Drawings and Prints

New version of the database

A new version of the database dedicated to Collectors’ Marks on Drawings and Prints is now online! We invite you to explore the various features of this indispensable tool for the research on provenances and for the history of collecting.

In order to adapt to new evolutions in information technology, we have undertaken an overhaul of the Marques de collections online database with the company Altea. This new version has the same configuration as the old website, but with a few new features.

At the request of many of our users, we have created a section “New” where the latest marks published online will be displayed for three months.

It is now possible to choose the type of text search in the articles, selecting either “contains the words” or “exact phrase”. The latter allows you to search for Rembrandt’s famous etching The Three Trees, for example.

Users can currently choose between a presentation of the results in the form of a list or gallery. A display of the search criteria is a useful reminder of the query made. When accessing a record from the list or gallery display, you can go directly to the next record without having to return to the results page.

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