51. Lodovico Cardi, called Cigoli

San Miniato 1559 – 1613 Rome

Sketches for Daedalus Fitting the Wings of Icarus (recto and verso)

The two sides of this sheet contain a number of sketches on the same mythological subject: Daedalus creating wings of feathers and wax for his son Icarus. However, no painting has ever been identified on this subject in the oeuvre of the artist. These studies permit us to track the effervescence of Cigoli’s mind in the act of creation. The Florentine artist drew with great energy, stopping and starting, retracing, erasing, then turning his paper and juxtaposing the visual elements, in order to modify the framing, the pose, the expression of the figures and their respective positions. The inscriptions detail the prices of art materials.