16. Francesco Curradi

Florence 1570 – 1661 Florence

Study of a Bearded Man Seated, in Profile to Left

This drawing belongs to a group of similar figure studies, preliminary sketches for the Last Judgment executed by Francesco Curradi in the Convento dei Servi di Maria in Montesenario. It is a preparatory drawing for one of the saints who surround Christ in the upper part of the composition. The artist uses black chalk in all the sheets of this series, contrasting the velvety softness of the medium with the white highlights, used to indicate the play of light on the drapery. Curradi used the same model in all these studies and, as all the saints in the clouds are seated, he played skilfully with subtle variations to distinguish one from the other and to express their piety: the direction of the gaze, hand gestures or the arrangement of the cloaks.