15. Robert Léopold Leprince

Paris 1800 – 1847 Chartres

Study of Trees, c. 1820

Robert Léopold Leprince belonged to a family of landscape painters and lithographers. He trained under his father, Anne-Pierre, and his older brother Auguste-Xavier (cat. 145), before becoming the teacher of his younger sibling Gustave (1810–1837). The brothers shared an atelier in Paris at “la Childebert”, though Leprince eventually settled in Chartres. He made a name for himself as a painter of genre scenes and rural landscapes, and regularly sketched in oils on paper in the forest of Fontainebleau and the countryside around Paris and Chartres. In this study of a dense thicket of trees, the artist shows great technical virtuosity and a concern for the subtleties of light. He captures the variety of shades of green, and flecks of white paint in the upper branches give some movement to the scene, suggesting the glimmer of reflected light on the leaves.