142. Max Hauschild

Dresden 1810 – 1895 Naples

Vines Seen through a Window

Hauschild enrolled in the architecture school of the Dresden Academy in 1826, where he was also a teaching assistant between 1838-52. He first travelled to Italy in 1833, returning in 1841 and 1846, and eventually settled in Naples after leaving his teaching post in Dresden. Hauschild specialized in architectural views, and his preferred subjects were detailed interiors of churches and monasteries throughout Germany and Italy, depicted with great accuracy and a particular sensitivity for light effects. In this intimate oil on paper, Hauschild’s understanding of light is evident. The artist omitted any distant vistas behind the window and focused instead on a close-up of the luminous, backlit vine leaves. A fragment of blue sky is visible in the top right corner, and the reflection of the sunlight on the inside wall is rendered with great care.