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Un Univers intime. Paintings from the Frits Lugt Collection
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Jan Mijtens
(The Hague 1613/14-1670 The Hague)
Portrait of a girl picking grapes
Canvas, 50.2 x 40.5 cm
Acquired in 1954; inv. 6631

The portrait and history painter Jan Mijtens worked in The Hague, the seat of the stadholder’s court. His portraits – which he often placed in landscapes, as he has here – appealed to the taste of the Dutch nobility. The identity of the young woman portrayed here is unknown. She is shown full length in an elegant blue dress and looks at the viewer while she picks grapes. This last motif often occurs in Mijtens’s early work. This painting is probably one of his earliest portraits and can be dated c. 1638-40.