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Un Univers intime. Paintings from the Frits Lugt Collection
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Nicolaes Maes
(Dordrecht 1634-1693 Amsterdam)
Portrait of a girl with a deer
Canvas, 58 x 49 cm; signed
Acquired in 2011; inv. 2011-s.3

There is virtually no trace of Rembrandt’s influence in this painting, a late work that dates from the period when Nicolaes Maes, who was apprenticed to Rembrandt between 1648 and 1653, was concentrating solely on portraiture. The Arcadian motif of a young girl with a deer by a spring has been handled inventively. The model, with her incredibly abundant shock of curly hair, looks away, whereas the deer, tearing a fresh leaf from a branch with its teeth, regards the viewer.