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Un Univers intime. Paintings from the Frits Lugt Collection
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Caspar van Wittel
(Amersfoort 1652/56-1736 Rome)
View of the Temple of the Sibyl at Tivoli
Canvas, 34.8 x 45 cm
Acquired in 1948; inv. 6035

It was probably in 1674 that the Dutch artist Caspar van Wittel settled in Rome, where he was active for most of his life and where he Italianized his name to Gasparo Vanvitelli. He became one of the first and most important painters of the topographical views known as vedute. He made his first cityscapes around 1680. His works are realistic depictions of architecture and the landscape. This painting shows the round Roman Temple of the Sibyl at Tivoli near Rome, a spot that was very popular with artists (cf. no. 59). Unfortunately separated from its pendant, this painting can be dated around 1720.