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Un Univers intime. Paintings from the Frits Lugt Collection
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David Teniers the Younger
(Antwerp 1610-1690 Brussels)
Portrait of a woman and Portrait of a man
Panels, 20 x 15 cm each; signed
Acquired in 1952; inv. 6530 a/b

David Teniers II was primarily a prolific painter of genre scenes and landscapes. His rare portraits are often small format and were for the most part executed during the painter’s Antwerp period. This is the case of those in the Frits Lugt Collection, which have been dated to about 1640-45. They have been considered pendants since the nineteenth century, although the woman has a frontal pose and wears clothing that can be dated to about 1645, while the man has a three-quarter pose and wears a 1635-style ensemble. It is possible, therefore, that these portraits were painted separately and brought together later by a collector to form a pair.