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Un Univers intime. Paintings from the Frits Lugt Collection
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Circle of Joos de Momper
(Antwerp 1564-1635 Antwerp)
A valley in a mountainous landscape
Canvas, 114.7 x 217.5 cm
Acquired in 1965; inv. 8550

Joos de Momper is known above all for the huge mountain landscapes to which artists like Jan Brueghel (cf. no. 7) contributed figures. This wooded valley is somewhat unusual in his oeuvre. The vegetation is lusher than usual, the palette and touch are less strident, and the picture is populated solely by peacefully grazing deer. These characteristics return in a small number of paintings, also views in narrow river valleys and often with deer. It has been suggested that it was the artist’s son Philippe de Momper (1598-1634) who created the group. After a trip to Italy, he must have worked in Antwerp like his father, but we know of no signed paintings by him.