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Fondation Custodia
E-news #11
October 2018
For the last two years some of the rooms in Hôtel Turgot have been temporarily inaccessible while renovation works were going on. The electrical wiring and the fire safety system have been renewed throughout the building. The lighting has been replaced with a type of LED that resembles daylight. (...)
Modern Japanese Prints
Exhibition from 6 October 2018 to 6 January 2019
To celebrate the Year of Japan in France, the Fondation Custodia presents an important retrospective exhibition of early twentieth-century Japanese prints. Waves of renewal. Modern Japanese Prints 1900-1960 offers an exciting opportunity to discover, almost for the first time in France, the work of artists who bear witness to the modernisation of Japan. (...)
Palmer, Rørbye, Corot, Mozin, Isabey, Beckmann, Frey, Leprince, Van Spaendonck, (...)
The exhibition of portrait miniatures at the Fondation Custodia closed at the end of April this year. The specially-designed glass cases were emptied and the small portraits returned to the peace and quiet of the medal cabinet in Hôtel Turgot. This ground-breaking exhibition of our miniatures was organised to coincide with the publication of the catalogue raisonné of the collection. (...)
In 2017, the Fondation Custodia made an inventory of a group of artworks kept in a folder containing three hundred and twenty-two prints and four photomechanical reproductions. (...)
To the art historian, the prolific Parrocel dynasty presents a research topic still largely awaiting exploration. The Fondation Custodia, as keen as ever to enlarge its collection of artists’ letters, has recently acquired a drawing signed ‘j.f. parrocel’. (...)
In 2020, the Fondation Custodia will publish the catalogue raisonné of the French artist Léon Bonvin (1834-1866), under the direction of Gabriel Weisberg, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota. On this occasion, the Fondation Custodia will organize an exhibition dedicated to the artist. (...)
The ‘photo studio’ has been housed in the lower ground floor of Hôtel Turgot since 2014. This is where the digitisation of the works on paper of the Fondation Custodia is taking place. Work began with the collection of drawings, then continued in October 2014 with the print collection; today, it is mainly the collection of artists’ letters and manuscripts that remains to be digitised. (...)
In the first volume of his Marques de collections de dessins & d’estampes, published in 1921, Frits Lugt brought together an impressive number of collectors’ marks; in the book, illustrations of the marks of public or private collections are accompanied by articles recording their history. (...)
In March of this year, Maud van Suylen joined the Fondation Custodia as a curator in training. Maud is one of the two new candidates to take part in the two-year apprenticeship organised jointly by the Fondation Custodia and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. (...)
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