The collection contains over 7,000 old master drawings and 30,000 prints. The drawings include works from the main West European schools from the fifteenth century to the mid-nineteenth century. The larger part is made up of drawings by Dutch masters of the seventeenth century, but Flemish artists are well represented too. The Italian and French sections are also impressive, and there is work by Danish, German and English artists.

The collection of prints covers a wide variety of techniques and contains work from various periods and countries. Here too the accent is on Dutch and Flemish artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Numerous boxes reveal their treasures one by one: almost all Rembrandt's prints in excellent impressions, rare engravings by Lucas van Leyden, outstanding examples of landscape art, beautiful chiaroscuro woodcuts by Italian, German and Dutch masters, artists' portraits and the best of the engraved portraits by French artists such as Robert Nanteuil.