Some of the new acquisitions in the year 2012:

Christen DALSGAARD (Skive 1824 – 1907 Sorø [Danish])
View of Hellested Prœstegaard, 1850
Oil on canvas. – 25 × 31 cm
Monogrammed and dated below right: c.d. 1850
On the verso, an ancient label with an inscription in pen and brown ink: Dalsgaard|Hellested Prœstegaard|1850|50
inv. 2012-S.5

Provenance: Sale, Copenhagen, Bruun Rasmussen, 212, 1967, no. 53, ill. p. 7; collection Frands Hougaard (Danemark)

Anthoni SALLAERT (Brussels before 1590 – 1650 Brussels)
Merry Company Making Music
Oil on panel. – 25,5 × 34,2 cm
inv. 2012-S.8

Exhibition: Salon du Tableau (Galerie Claude Vittet), Paris, 2011

Bibliography: G. Luijten, ‘Recent acquisitions (2008-12) at the Fondation Custodia, Frits Lugt Collection, Paris’, The Burlington Magazine, cliv (Feb. 2012), pp. 157-168, p. 162, ill. XVIII

Auguste-François BONHEUR (Bordeaux 1824 – 1884 Bellevue)
View of the See at Deauville
Oil on paper, laid down on canvas (modern). – 12, 7 × 40, 5 cm (paper); 13, 5 × 41, 4 cm (canvas)
Signed below right: AF Bonheur; below left, an ancient label with an inscription by the artist, in pen and brown ink: Calvados
inv. 2012-S.24 I

Exhibition: Le XIXe siècle, Paris (Galerie Talabardon & Gautier), 2012, no. 21

Bibliography: cat. exh. Le XIXe siècle, Galerie Talabardon & Gautier, Paris, 2012, no. 21, ill.

Jan Baptist WEENIX (Amsterdam 1621 – 1659/61 De Haar)
Landscape with Travellers
Red chalk. – 235 x 225 mm
inv. 2012-T.3

Watermark: French Lily in a crowned shield (close to Heawood 1802-1803)

Provenance: Addison Francis Baker-Creswell (1874-1921), Creswell and Hadston, Northumberland; given to Dorothy Winkworth, mother of Mary Winkworth; Mrs. G.W. Wrangham (c. 1903-1933), London and Hatfield; through heritance to a private collection in Northumberland until December 2005; Hill-Stone, New York

Wilhelm Ferdinand BENDZ (Odense 1804 – 1832 Vicenza [Danish])
Young Man Resting on a Rank, c. 1830
Pencil. – 238 x 290 mm
Below right annotated in pencil: Ein Kunstler in tiefen|Nachdenken versunken; on the verso in pencil: Köbke|Karikatur Ballide of Boroderen|[monogramm] IV.
inv. 2012-T.50

Charles DONKER (born in Utrecht 1940)
Houtstapel II, c. 1991
Etching and aquatint. – 250 x 280 mm
In the margin, numbered below left, in pencil: 2/10; and below right, signed: Charles Donker
inv. 2012-P.191

Bibliography: Jan Piet Filedt Kok et al., Charles Donker Grafiek 1960-2010, n° CD-90-10 [online catalogue: , published December 1st, 2012]